Systematic Review: Anonymous Reporting Systems for School-Based Violence Prevention

Anonymous Reporting Systems (ARS) have been widely implemented in schools across the United States as a violence prevention strategy.

In this video, Dr. Libby Messman describes a systematic review of published literature from the last 25 years on the use of Anonymous Reporting Systems (ARS) in schools of all levels (K-12, colleges, public, private, etc.) throughout the United States.

This systematic review looked specifically at how ARS played a role in violence prevention and safety initiatives. Results found that there is a significant need for more research in the form of empirical studies as well as more consistent implementation of infrastructure, training, and programming. Dr. Messman is a Research Investigator at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

This video was created and produced by Lynn Fountain, Production Assistant at the National Center for School Safety.


The content featured in this video is based on the following publication:

Messman, E., Heinze, J., Hsieh, H., Hockley, N., Pomerantz, N., Grodzinski, A., Scott, B., Goldstein, N., & Zimmerman, M. (2022). Anonymous reporting systems for school-based violence prevention: A systematic review. Health Education & Behavior.

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