Spotlight Discussion: Swatting and Hoax Considerations and Response

This webinar occurred on October 24, 2023. It is available on-demand through the Enroll Now button.

Swatting—making fraudulent emergency calls about serious threats—has increasingly impacted schools and first responders nationwide. These and other hoax threats negatively affect school climate and perceptions of school safety and are often felt throughout entire communities.

In this roundtable discussion, you will hear from a school-based team that has recently dealt with a swatting incident. You will learn how they addressed the threat at the moment, ensured the community was informed, and improved their existing operations plans.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the impact of school-based swatting.
  • Analyze effective responses to swatting incidents.
  • Propose improvements to operational plans for handling swatting incidents.


  • Daniel LeGallo, Superintendent, Franklin School District, Franklin, New Hampshire
  • Mike Foss, Fire Chief, Emergency Operations Director for City of Franklin
  • David Goldstein, Chief of Police
  • Barbara Slayton, Coordinator of School Wellness

Continuing Education Credit

This webinar is offered for an NCSS certificate of completion.

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1 hr

Topic Areas

Campus Security, Coordination with First Responders

Crisis Timeline

Crisis Management, Post-crisis


Law Enforcement & First Responders, School Personnel