School and Law Enforcement Partnerships

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This self-paced training is designed to help schools and law enforcement agencies discuss what form they want their partnerships to take. You will also be encouraged to consider important issues related to these partnerships. This training has a companion workbook with discussion questions intended to facilitate conversations between schools and their partner law enforcement agencies.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the types of school and law enforcement partnerships that exist.
  • Determine roles and responsibilities in schools and law enforcement partnerships.
  • Describe ethical information sharing between school and law enforcement agencies.

Topic Experts

  • Katherine Schweit (Owner, Schweit Consulting)
  • Dr. Chris Melde (Professor, Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice)
  • Mo Canady (Director, National Association of School Resource Officers)
  • Jeff Allison (Special Advisor, National Association of School Resource Officers)

Continuing Education Credit

This self-paced training is offered for an NCSS certificate of completion.

This self-paced training was adapted from a virtual learning community that occurred in April-May, 2022.

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3 hr.

Topic Areas

Coordination with First Responders, School-based Law Enforcement

Crisis Timeline

Prevention Planning


Law Enforcement & First Responders, School Personnel

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