NIJ Virtual Conference on School Safety 2021

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) recently held a virtual conference on school safety, with a focus on “Bridging Research to Practice to Safeguard Our Schools.” The recordings from the three-day event are now available and can be accessed on the NIJ website.

This year’s conference included guest speakers from the nationwide school safety community, including several National Center for School Safety researchers, topic experts, and National Advisory Board members. The projects featured during the event are some of the nearly 100 funded through the NIJ Comprehensive School Safety Initiative and the STOP School Violence Act. Breakout sessions and roundtable discussions included a focus on school safety issues and the relevant evidence-based practices to address them.

There are also a number of additional supplemental resources available on the conference website.

How to View Recordings

The recordings will be available to the public for two months, until the end of April 2021.

To view session recordings:

  1. Go to the conference website,
  2. Log in using the credentials provided on the homepage
  3. Find Agenda in the navigation toolbar
  4. Select the day you are interested in exploring
  5. Navigate to the session you want to view and click Watch Session
  6. Click to expand the event box
  7. Click View Archived Recording
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3 day conference

Topic Areas

Comprehensive School Safety Plans

Crisis Timeline

Prevention Planning


Law Enforcement & First Responders, Mental Health Professionals, School Personnel, STOP Grantees