First Steps for Engaging Your School Safety Network

A digital illustration of a large network of people

It can be challenging to identify and engage your network, but partnering and getting buy-in from a wide variety of people within your school community is key to successfully implementing safety initiatives.

By completing this self-paced training, you will be able to identify your school safety network and plan effective engagement strategies. You will also learn relevant key terms related to influencing your network, and understand the steps needed to create a network map and influence grid to help successfully engage others.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the purpose of identifying and influencing your network.
  • Create a network map and influence grid.
  • Recommend actions to take based on prioritization.


Brent Allen Miller, MA, PMP, Training Manager at the National Center for School Safety

Continuing Education Credit

This self-paced training is offered for an NCSS certificate of completion.

Planning Committee

Dany Zemmel, MPH; Allison Schreiber, MAIR; Carolyn Seiger, MA; Emily Torres, MPH; Phoebe Kulik, MPH, CHES

This self-paced training was adapted from a virtual workshop that occurred on December 2, 2021.

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Topic Areas

Capacity Building, Comprehensive School Safety Plans

Crisis Timeline

Prevention Planning


School Personnel, STOP Grantees