Collaboration & Information Sharing

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This session was originally the fourth in a four-part series on Improving School Climate & Safety Through Inter-Professional Collaboration. As a stand-alone training, this session examines information sharing and its connection to school climate. Inherently inter-professional, effective information sharing allows us to ensure that everyone working toward the best interests of schools and students can be on the same page.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify potential restrictions that can impact your colleague’s ability to share information.
  • Discuss potential challenges to information sharing.
  • Discuss how to balance privacy with the need to share information.


  • James Morris


  • Dr. Joe Erardi (Retired Superintendent, JE Consulting)
  • Kenji Okuma (Crisis Center Director, Sandy Hook Promise)
  • Kate Schweit (Owner, Schweit Consulting)

Continuing Education Credit

This webinar is offered for an NCSS certificate of completion.

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Topic Areas

Capacity Building, Comprehensive School Safety Plans, Notification Technology

Crisis Timeline

Prevention Planning


School Personnel