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Elevating the stories of caregivers, educators, mental health or school safety professionals, first responders, students, and all those passionate about making schools and communities safer.

In sharing a school safety story with us, you are not limited to sharing only what you have done, but perhaps what your schools or communities have accomplished. We are not defining success. You can share about obtaining small goals, advancing progress of new initiatives, or finalizing massive projects. Each success is a step towards safer schools and we want to help celebrate that!

Submit your success story for consideration via the form below. To see stories others have submitted, visit here.

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If you are a parent, student, or community member sharing from a non-professional capacity, please type 'n/a' and then continue to the following prompt.
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Consider: What successes have you seen in your school, community, or statewide work in the past year that advance school safety? What is a challenge or problem that you faced and how did you work through it to achieve success? What initiative were you able to implement in a time of need? What milestone/goal did you reach in your work/efforts?
We would love to feature a photo of your school building or workplace to include with your response. This should be a snapshot of the exterior of the building, and should not feature any recognizable people/faces. You may attach the photo here or provide a link if an image exists online, if possible, in the prompt below.
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