The National Center for School Safety offers evidence-based resources with topic area expert input. Our resources provide school safety practitioners with the information, tools, and support they need to implement school safety plans, leverage best practices, and address implementation issues in their school community. 

Resources are available online as clearinghouses, grant solicitations, podcasts, publications, toolkits & guides, and videos.

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Crisis Timeline

A Quick Guide to Information Sharing During Threat Reporting & Assessment

This guide brings together resources that explain when to release or withhold student information collected through reporting systems and threat assessment processes.
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TopicComprehensive School Safety Plans, Threat Assessment
Crisis TimelinePrevention Planning
AudienceSchool Personnel
 Toolkits & Guides

Systematic Review: Anonymous Reporting Systems for School-Based Violence Prevention

Dr. Libby Messman describes a systematic review of published literature from the last 25 years on the use of Anonymous Reporting Systems (ARS) in schools of all levels (K-12, colleges, public, private, etc.) throughout the United States.
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TopicNotification Technology, School Climate
Crisis TimelinePrevention Planning
AudienceSchool Personnel

A Comprehensive School Safety Framework: Report to the Committees on Appropriations

This NIJ report details the model and best practices for comprehensive school safety determined through four years of research conducted under the NIJ's Comprehensive School Safety Initiative.
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TopicComprehensive School Safety Plans

NIJ Comprehensive School Safety Initiative Publications

The NIJ CSSI Publications is a list of published results of funded, research-focused CSSI projects that that can be applied to school safety nationwide.
TopicComprehensive School Safety Plans
AudienceSchool Personnel

The Science of School Safety

In this podcast episode, Mary Poulin Carlton joins host Paul Haskins to discuss bullying, school climate, mental health, and other important issues impacting school safety.
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TopicComprehensive School Safety Plans, Mental Health, School Climate
Crisis TimelinePrevention Planning
AudienceSchool Personnel