The National Center for School Safety offers evidence-based resources with topic area expert input. Our resources provide school safety practitioners with the information, tools, and support they need to implement school safety plans, leverage best practices, and address implementation issues in their school community. 

Resources are available online as clearinghouses, grant solicitations, podcasts, publications, toolkits & guides, and videos.

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Crisis Timeline

Preparing for Changes in Personnel

This guide provides readers with an overview of considerations to address changes in project personnel. Explore sample checklists for offboarding, cross-training, and onboarding, as well as a tangible steps for developing a succession plan.
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TopicCapacity Building
Crisis TimelinePrevention Planning
AudienceSchool Personnel, STOP Grantees
 Toolkits & Guides

Considerations for Social Media Monitoring and Response

This guide highlights example practices, concerns, and methods for social media monitoring in a school setting. At the end of the document is an example of the logistical considerations one school district dealt with as they implemented a social media monitoring system.
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TopicSocial Media
Crisis TimelinePrevention Planning
AudienceSchool Personnel, STOP Grantees
 Toolkits & Guides

Preventing and Responding to Bias and Hate Incidents in K-12 Educational Settings: A Toolkit for School Communities and Leaders

This CRS toolkit contains best practices, strategies, and resources for supporting safe and inclusive K-12 educational environments, free of harassment and discrimination.
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TopicSchool Climate

Systematic Review: Perceptions of School Resource Officers

This systematic review evaluates various perspectives on School Resource Officers (SROs) in the school community, as well as how these perceptions may affect long-term student outcomes and policy decisions.
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TopicCampus Security, School Climate
Crisis TimelineCrisis Management, Prevention Planning
AudienceParents & Families, School Personnel, STOP Grantees

A Quick Guide to Information Sharing During Threat Reporting & Assessment

This guide brings together resources that explain when to release or withhold student information collected through reporting systems and threat assessment processes.
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TopicComprehensive School Safety Plans, Threat Assessment
Crisis TimelinePrevention Planning
AudienceSchool Personnel
 Toolkits & Guides