The Next Five Things an SRO Should Do (School Resource Officer Video Series)

In an earlier video in our SRO series, you learned the first five things an SRO should do. This last video of the series shares the next five things you should do, including understanding school rules and the law, joining the threat assessment team, understanding safety plans, and being confident in your role.

You can also download a poster with the key points: SRO Poster – The Next Five Things an SRO Should Do

Series description

School Resource Officers (SROs) are present in many communities across the country. SROs must be youth advocates, educators, and protectors of all students in the schools they serve. This video series helps SROs consider the way students think, how to connect with them, how to break down barriers to communication, and how to become a successful presence in their school.

The SRO video series is produced in partnership with Katherine Schweit, JD at Schweit Consulting and Rocket Media Group.

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Topic Areas

School Climate, School-based Law Enforcement


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