How to Select and Train Your School Threat Assessment Team

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Threat assessment can be one part of a comprehensive school safety plan. This section addresses what schools need to consider in deciding to use a threat assessment approach in an equitable way that protects student rights. This includes a review of existing safety practices and discipline policies, examination of staff resources, and administrative and school community support for threat assessment.

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This section stresses the vital role of threat assessment in school safety plans, highlighting the importance of equitable implementation. Considerations include existing safety measures, staff availability, and community backing for adopting this approach.

This section includes guidance for: 

Setting up a multidisciplinary team

Having a multidisciplinary team in place is crucial for the success of any threat assessment program. There is substantial agreement that threat assessment is best accomplished via a team approach to draw on diverse perspectives and expertise and to facilitate prevention and intervention efforts. 

Training for Threat Assessment Teams

Each multi-disciplinary threat assessment team member brings unique expertise and background to the table. However, the literature supports training team members collectively, so they have a common understanding of the threat assessment process. 

Education of School Community Members

Threat assessment cannot prevent violence if community members do not report threats. Thus, it is essential that all members of the school community including faculty, staff, administrators, law enforcement and security personnel, students, and parents understand the goals of threat assessment, as well as how and when to report concerning information.

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