School Threat Assessment Toolkit

The School Threat Assessment Toolkit is designed to aid schools in employing behavioral threat assessment (TA) and management as part of a comprehensive violence prevention strategy. Authored primarily by Dewey Cornell and Jennifer Maeng, and with input from school safety leaders, experts, government agencies, and the National Center for School Safety, the toolkit offers guidance on training, implementation, and assessment of school TA teams. It aims to ensure fidelity to student rights while providing practical tools like documents, forms, videos, and additional resources to support schools’ efforts.

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Section 1: How to Select and Train Your School Threat Assessment Team

This section stresses the vital role of threat assessment in school safety plans, highlighting the importance of equitable implementation. Considerations include existing safety measures, staff availability, and community backing for adopting this approach.

Section 2: How to Implement Threat Assessment in Your School

This section provides a concise overview of key principles underlying school threat assessment, including typical pathways to violence, which are essential components of a comprehensive school safety plan.

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Section 3: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Threat Assessment Program

This section describes steps for evaluating the effectiveness of a threat assessment program, including topics such as implementation fidelity and the effects of threat assessment on students.


Dewey Cornell, Ph.D
Professor of Education
University of Virginia

Jennifer Maeng, Ph.D
Research Associate Professor
University of Virginia


  • Desha Armengol
  • Caroline Crichlow-Ball
  • Brittany Crowley
  • Brooke Ruffa
  • Shelby Stohlman
  • Emily Warren
  • Sarah Mason
  • David Adams
  • Cornelia Sigworth
  • Elissa Rumsey

Cornell, D., & Maeng, J. (2024). School Threat Assessment Toolkit. National Center for School Safety.

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