School Safety Communications Planning Guide

Video Introduction: School Safety Communications Planning Guide.
This video was created and produced by Lynn Fountain, Production Assistant at the National Center for School Safety.

Schools must communicate their safety plans in a clear, accessible, and timely manner in order to help build and maintain trust with their community. This guide is intended to help school leaders strategize sharing school safety-related initiatives and news with their networks.

Quick tips, resources, and actionable steps throughout this guide will help you develop, implement, and assess comprehensive school safety communications plans. No matter what resources you have available or where you are in your communications process, this guide will help empower you to feel confident in taking action to share your school safety plans.

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Zill, A., Wyatt, E., Miller, B., Schreiber, A., Dressler, K. (2022). School Safety Communications Planning Guide. National Center for School Safety.

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