Connecting the Dots: Ideas, Plans, and Budgets for Grant Writing

Successful grant writing relies on a clear vision. This webinar will help new and experienced grant writers connect the dots between a winning proposal and their program’s big picture goals, including how to define your program’s mission, develop a budget, and create successful work plans.

Justin Heinze, PhD, Co-Director of the National Center for School Safety at the University of Michigan School of Public Health

School safety professionals, current and future STOP grantees, and others interested in learning more about the principles of grant writing.

Learning Objectives
– Identify strategies to clearly define a program’s purpose
– Describe the components of a successful grant proposal
– Recognize characteristics of a strong budget justification


Topic Areas

Capacity Building, Mental Health

Crisis Timeline

Prevention Planning

Resource Type

Webinar (On-Demand), Webinars


Mental Health Professionals, Superintendents, Teachers