Caregivers: Back to School Resources

A group of elementary school students pose together with a teacher and a sign that reads 'back to school'

The following considerations may prove helpful to caregivers as you plan and prepare for students returning to the classroom: 

Build Healthy Routines

The Supporting Youth Mental Health On-Demand Webinar provides guidance on building habits to support the mental and emotional health of students.

Communicate With Your School 

This parent checklist features questions you can ask school staff members in order to stay informed and keep the lines of communication open. 

Talk About Stress, Safety, and Mental Health 

Take time to address any concerns or anxieties with your student regularly. Section 2 of the Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Schools Toolkit provides tools and tips for teaching emotional regulation. 


  • Carolyn Seiger (Instructional Designer, National Center for School Safety)
  • Sarah Stilwell, PhD (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Center for School Safety) 
  • Erin Wyatt (Marketing Communications Specialist, National Center for School Safety)
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