A Quick Guide to School Safety Data Visualization

Data visualization allows data to be presented in an easily-digestible, visual format which reveals patterns and trends. It helps people make sense of the information they are being presented with, and when done well, it allows them to better understand what the data describes.

With this guide, learn about important considerations for collecting school safety data, how to interpret data, how to create data visualizations, and how to effectively use these graphics as part of your school safety initiatives. Additionally, explore supplementary resources to help guide your data collection and visualization process. This guide is primarily intended for school boards, school administrators, and principals.

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Miller, B., Mason, S., Dressler, K. (2023). A Quick Guide to School Safety Data Visualization. National Center for School Safety. https://www.nc2s.org/resource/a-quick-guide-to-school-safety-data-visualization

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