A Comprehensive School Safety Framework: Report to the Committees on Appropriations

This 2020 National Institute of Justice (NIJ) report details the model and best practices for comprehensive school safety determined through four years of research conducted under the NIJ’s Comprehensive School Safety Initiative (CSSI).

The NIJ developed a framework that is intended to address the many manifestations of violence in schools. Schools that employ comprehensive approaches to addressing violence are not immune from school violence. However, implementing a comprehensive approach minimizes the chances of serious violence and prepares schools to recover from the effects of incidents of violence.

The framework has three major components: physical safety, school climate, and student behavior. The framework aligns with the other school safety frameworks found in the research literature and the findings to date from research projects funded by the CSSI.

Extract taken from the Executive Summary of the report submitted to the United States Senate Committees on Appropriations. Read the full details and download the PDF by clicking the button in the sidebar.

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